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Shipping and delivery made easy with Glacier Beverage national freight partners

Shipping & Delivery Made Easy

At Glacier Beverage, we strive to offer our nationwide clients the utmost convenience when it comes to water delivery. We understand that clients individual needs can vary, which is why we provide multiple options for every type of delivery need.

While we always make an effort to provide accurate shipping rates up front, there are times when unforeseen factors come into play during the ordering or delivery process.

We want to ensure transparency by informing you about “accessorial fees.” These fees are the industry standard charges which may be imposed by our trusted logistic partners for any “additional freight services” that go beyond our standard dock-to-dock type transport and delivery.

Any fees will be billed after your delivery has been completed and all freight billing has been taken into account.

Keep in mind that adding these fees before your water shipment begins its journey can result in less expensive charges. Planning ahead is a wise decision. If you have any questions about shipping options and delivery, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our dedicated team is here to assist you.

The following shipping options and rates are the most common types of Accessorial Fees for various options and services during a transit / delivery.

Delivery Appointment – Clients who require advanced notification or a scheduled delivery will incur a nominal fee ($15-45)

Inside Delivery – Shipment dropped off “inside of a location” or “white glove service” (including breakdown/removal of pallet) will incur a fee (TBD / starting at about $100).


Lift gate – The use of a hydrophilic “lift gate” gets the pallet off the rear of the truck and unto the ground at delivery. This is the most common and necessary with freight being unloaded for clients without a standard (dock high) loading dock or an available fork lift on site (About $45-75 /delivery).

Limited Access – This fee includes delivery points with limited access, such as: schools, military bases, churches, government buildings, malls/plazas, tradeshows, hard to deliver or rural locations, etc. (TBD / $50-100)

Residential Delivery – Shipments delivered in a residential zone will likely incur a fee ($50-100)

If you have any questions about shipping options and delivery, please don't hesitate to reach out.